Diccionario de Abreviaturas de la Lengua Española. 2013.

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  • TQT — Total Quality Training (Business » General) * Total Quality Transformation (Governmental » Military) * Total Quality Transformation (Governmental » US Government) * Total Quality Transformation (Business » General) * Task Qualification Training… …   Abbreviations dictionary

  • tqt — ISO 639 3 Code of Language ISO 639 2/B Code : ISO 639 2/T Code : ISO 639 1 Code : Scope : Individual Language Type : Living Language Name : Western Totonac …   Names of Languages ISO 639-3

  • TQT — abbr. Total Quality Training …   Dictionary of abbreviations

  • QT interval — Schematic representation of normal ECG trace (sinus rhythm), with waves, segments, and intervals labeled. In cardiology, the QT interval is a measure of the time between the start of the Q wave and the end of the T wave in the heart s electrical… …   Wikipedia

  • Autokey cipher — An autokey cipher (also known as the autoclave cipher) is a cipher which incorporates the message (the plaintext) into the key. There are two forms of autokey cipher: key autokey and text autokey ciphers. A key autokey cipher uses previous… …   Wikipedia

  • Émoticône — cœur = amour Une émoticône est une courte figuration symbolique d une émotion, d un état d esprit, d un ressenti, d une ambiance ou d une intensité, utilisée dans un discours écrit. La tendance est née de la combinaison de plusieurs caractères… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Text Editor and Corrector — TECO (pronounced /tee koh/; originally an acronym for [paper] Tape Editor and COrrector , but later Text Editor and COrrector ) is a text editor originally developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the 1960s, after which it… …   Wikipedia

  • Splitting lemma — In mathematics, and more specifically in homological algebra, the splitting lemma states that in any abelian category, the following statements for short exact sequence are equivalent. Given a short exact sequence with maps q and r: :0 ightarrow… …   Wikipedia

  • Video camera tube — In older video cameras, before the mid to late 1980s, a video camera tube or pickup tube was used instead of a charge coupled device (CCD) for converting an optical image into an electrical signal. Several types were in use from the 1930s to the… …   Wikipedia

  • List of archive formats — This is a list of file formats used by archivers and compressors used to create archive files. Contents 1 Archiving only 2 Compression only 3 Archiving and compression 4 …   Wikipedia